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Tesla Wall Connector Installation

EV Charger/EVSE Installations
for Single Family Homes

Level 2 EV charger install single family home
Tesle Home EV charger install
Tesla EV Charger single family home
level 2 ev charger multi unit dwelling

Crawl Space Installations

Runs through attic space can increase the cost of the installation.

Permits and Fees

(if applicable)

$500 for permit- pricing includes permit fee

All Pricing does not include the cost of the charger

Multi-unit Dwelling Single Charger Install

Single Family Home:

We can install an EV charger (EVSE) or NEMA outlet in your single family home or your apartment/condo for your personal EV car. Your project and car will be ready to charge that day!

Options for home charging:

  • NEMA 14-50 or a NEMA 6-50 Mobile Adapter 

  • Tesla Wall Connector

  • J1772 (J Plug) options: Wallbox, ChargePoint, and Clipper Creek chargers are all great options for any EV car

Check out your Tesla Charging Options:
Tesla Wall Connector
Tesla Mobile Adapter

JPlug Option- check out Wallbox! 25 ft cord and excellent outdoor ratings and internal software features.

Currently not accepting home installs

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